Tonner Updates....Speculation!

Check out the May Newsletter from Tonner! There is a ton of teaser info that is making me squirm.

And AHHHHH! There's a picture of Poison Ivy in here Arkham Asylum uniform...I love it!! She is limited to 100pcs for the Wizard World Philly Convention. I must have her...who wants to buy her for me? It seems as if the summer convention exclusives are Batman's female villians. Since we have had Harley and Poison Ivy...Catwoman seems the most likely third member. Very exciting.

Also mentioned is a new license debuting at Wizard World money is on Indiana Jones.

And a teaser picture of Superman....I am going to Squeal with joy when I get to see him. Cannot wait to have my very own big blue boyscout! It sounds like they will have some at the Philly Wizard World. I hope they have them this weekend at the convention...i will be very poor by monday!

It also sounds like the San Diego variant will be Supergirl. I am betting it's the more modern Supergirl outfit in the short red skirt and white half top. She will be limited to 200 pcs. Man I hope I get one!

There are some secret sales on
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