Tyler & Ashleigh BJD and Cherished Friends Alice Exclusive!

I am a freak for Alice in Wonderland...and I do love the goth aesthetic...so the new exclusive Alice for Cherished Friends is definitely a MUST HAVE for me!

Cherished Friends and Angelic Dreamz both have the exclusives for the new Tyler BJD! I just got the Cinderella one this weekend at convention and the sculpting on the hands is totally amazing. These are very very cool dolls and I plan to get one when i can muster the cash! They retail for $550 plus shipping. They each come with three wigs and the typical bodysuit and shoes. Angelic Dreamz is including extra eyes with their orders and shipping is $10. She will be able to wear all the same clothes as the vinyl Tyler!

Cherished Friends' homepage says they have four more exclusives coming up as well...that groan you hear is my bank account and my boyfriend reacting to more incoming dolls.

Two Day Dreamers has an exclusive BJD Ashleigh as well. Same price..

I am holding out fr a Stella sculpt I think. I really love that sculpt. Or Kit would be cool.

Update! I caved and ordered Alice from Cherished Friends. weeeee!
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