FS: Tonner Convention Dolls and More

Convention was a blast...but I am now very very poor. I will soon be posting all my other goodies that were left over from my vendor table too...

Just got home and here's what I want to part with...I am accepting some trades and there is a list at the bottom of the post...and of course money is good too. I can take paypal and I have feedback on ebay under alyrenee.

-BJD Posey Tiny Betsy $150 (so cute but I got the companion doll and she's even cuter...so one of em has got to go!)
-Nude Lady G $600 (flatfooted resin bjd)*

*She's gorgeous...and I love the outfit...just not a fan of the Cinderella sculpt...so I might get a tyler bjd to be my lady g. She would come with the box, stand, doll, pillows, etc...but no wig shoes or outfit.

Other stuff:
Nude FAO Ballerina Red Head Emilie w/stand (no original box) $40
Mary Jane Waitress outfit $20
Nude Aspen Sydney w/orginal hair and facepaint $40

Trades: DC Stars Batman, Joker outfit, nude Cosmo (white alien), Lord Asriel Golden Compass doll (nude is fine), HarleyQuinn, Wonder Woman costume, sequined aquaman costume, & Ellowyne Outfits and shoes...

You can shoot me an email if you are interested!
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