Weekend of Knitting Tra la!

I was a knittin' fool this past weekend and finished up loads of little projects. I tore through a skein of Manos Del Uruguay Silk blend yarn and made the wavy ridge wristwarmers, flower pin, and coffee mit from the One Skein Wonders book. Pics to come shortly. I also started the be-ribboned baby booties form the book too but I ran out of yarn before I could finish...so now I have to hunt down another skein. boo.

I also finished the yellow lace mat from my recently purchased Georgian Sampler pack from Knit Picks.

My next project is to try Two at a Time Socks using the Knit Picks Felicin self striping yarn. I bought Coney Island, Gelato and Provence! After staring at the directions a couple of times and watching a Magic Loop How-to video on YouTube, I think I finally have a clue as to how this works. Plus, it will be swell to have both socks finished at once for a change. I just need to hunt down some reinforcing yarn for the heels. Though I am loathe to go into a knit store for fear I will drop tons of money...which always always happens.

And yet another thing I am planning to do, in my copious spare time, is make a pair of sock blockers. I have been trying to find some gator board...a plastic type of corrugated cardboard. I thought it might be an easy way to make them. Otherwise I will try ye olde jigsaw down in the scene shop and cut them out of luon or something. I was trying to avoid that because then I would have to sand and seal it a ton of times to avoid snags and splinters.

Pictures to come soon...
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