Wizard World Philly...Comics & Dolls!

Weee....convention season. I am for sure going to Wizard World Chicago and San Diego Comic Con...I wish I could hit Philly though for some of the exclusives. Tonner will be there again and has a Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy Doll exclusive limited to 100pcs (I WANT IT)...it looks like she has flat feet too. The most recent Tonner Direct email suggests that the three collector's dolls will all be Arkham Asylum inmates. So going on that, the only Batman villains we have at the moment are Ivy, Joker, and Harley. We could potential get a Batman in the Asylum too...which might be cool. I am hoping that Catwoman makes an appearance though. That would be swell. They will also have Kyrpto and Superman along with Lois and Lana (suprise!!! they clearly kept a few back to sell at the convention). I think this is a good sign for fans of the Lana and Lois sculpt (like me...I love them both!). I imagine we will be seeing more of Lana for sure. I think Lois needs a bit of repainting but she does look like the comic Lois and I like her look. Tonner will be in booth #700 and if you sport a tonner sticker or tattoo, then you get 10% off. Pretty decent deal on these. I also have my coupon from the Tonner Club that I forgot to use at the convention, so I am hoping I can use it at the cons...otherwise I will just get something online..maybe some more stands.

And surprise, suprise, Wilde Imagination also has a booth with an Evangeline Ghastly exclusive called Gothic Vigil, limited to 100pcs and they have resin Evangeline busts. There was also mention of the Evangeline Diaries. Not sure if that is a comic or a book or something animated. All could be interesting. I am curious to see how she will go over there. Since she is gothy I imagine reactions will be favorable and the folks that collect anime and asian bjds might bite...but I imagine many will balk at the price. The busts will probably do will though. I would love to see a picture of the actual product. The email I received only had a sketch (which was cool)...not the same. Wilde Imagination is in booth #211.

Oh and of course...comics. Don't forget those. DC's Final Crisis starts this week and Batman RIP is underway. They are saying lots of big changes for the DC Universe... I am also reading the new Wonder Woman comics and enjoying them. And Birds of Prey is also fun.
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