Tonner One Day Sale June 13th 11a Central

From Tonner's facebook page-ONE DAY SALE next week!! Mark your calendars and synchronize your watches for Wednesday, June 13th at Noon EDT! There will be crazy discounts on already marked down items, but for 24 hours only, so don't miss it! Ends Thursday June 14th at Noon EDT.

According to follow up comments...all in-stock items will be on sale but convention product won't be included.  Hopefully I can nab an Andromeda for a good price.  I could possibly be tempted by Star Sapphire if she is on sale as well though I have never been a big lantern fan.  I do like that sculpt and the hair though and she would make a nice 16" Huntress if i made her an outfit.  I would like to get Dove at some point as well to make a Birds of Prey group...I suppose I will have to make my own Lady Blackhawk/aka Zinda Blake as well...perhaps a Lady Shiva too.
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