Antoinette...more thoughts.

So I have had some more time to think on this new doll and I am totally warming up to her. The body sculpt is gorgeous and I am really looking forward to creating fashions for her. I still plan to get a blank basic and then we will be getting one at the Tonner Convention. Which makes me want to get a basic ASAP in order to sew for her. Unfortunately...the line is not expected until this summer. Ugh. So I am trying to get myself one of those IDEX Amusing Antoinette's. Currently they go for around $100 or so. Which is only ten more than the basics coming out in the regular line. Hopefully I will be able to win one on the evil-bay.

I also read a rumor on Prego that Robert is considering different head sculpts for the doll. This is great news as I would love a smaller head with a slimmer face. More tiny head fashion model-esque.
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