Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Intergrity 2009 Launches...New Gene and Avant Guards

Integrity has released a flurry of new swag...and it's all very cool. The Integrity website is a bit annoying though...so it's slightly easier to see it all at Angelic Dreamz. The Gene Collection is pretty spectacular! The essential/basic dolls focus on a decade of fashion and are very affordable at $99! The dressed dolls are all about Hollywood Glamour and some amazing couture details. I love the Wrap Party Zita outfit and the Willow Madra has STUNNING hair. So very tempting.

There are also two new Avant Guards and they seem to be sold out already at most places. Boo. I kind of love the fashions on both but I am still not sold on the faces or hair on either of them. I am still waiting for the perfect one or at least a basic one to use as a sewing model. Hmmmm.
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