Modern Doll Convention Pics Surfacing...

Head over to prego to see some pics from the Modern Doll are some from Joanne...and I am sure there are more to come.

Happily I am STILL not swayed by the Devereaux sisters...there was a killer repaint the other day of one of them that was awesome...but I am still resisting... I believe they are named the Bee's Knees (black dress) and the Cat's Meow (yellow dress).

Here's the new Ellowyne "Tiny Expectations" on ebay...I believe she will be in the regular line though so don't scramble to pay too much for her. I am not keen on the name though. It makes me think it's a pregnant doll. I do like that blonde color on her even though it seems like it's that weird Nevermore loopy hair roll style on top. Cannot tell from the picture.
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