Sybarite News...more chalk whites! It Girls, & Demi-Couture! Marlbe QueenBee Exclusive!

Here's the scoop:

Dearest Patrons, Collectors and Fans!

Ah! We guess it’s time for a bit of an update from us here at SDHQ, so here it goes…..
Firstly, the good news.
As we enter the 2nd half of 2008 we are delighted to offer dealer exclusives and then some!
As per tradition, will this year have the 3rd in her series of Sybarite dolls. This beauty called Queen Bee™ will be released mid October.

It was presumed that with the sale of our WAR™ collection of ooak dolls it was the close of 2008 Haute Couture here at Superdoll, but alas! that was but the season opening. For AW08 Haute Couture we are extatic at our great news.... read on!

Our absolute delight abound on receipt of some very, very good news for us. As y’all may or may not know, Chalk White™ dolls were retired some time ago, due to our UK production plant closing. The greatest news however is that we will be re launching these exquisite dolls! Yes, there are faux and wannabes, but now the reality exists that there is no need to settle for less than the most desirable Haute Couture dolls on the planet!
The Chalk White re launch will take place in Russia at the IV International Doll Salon, Moscow. This will take place from 09-12 October 2008. We are truly thrilled to have been invited to this Grand Affaire and hope to meet many a new, and not so new collector there. Although not yet finalised, the plans are for a cocktail party and a dinner at Red Square!

Of course, this second half of the year is sure to be jam packed as we release new lines and Haute Couture like you could never have imagined for a fashion doll. The next Haute Doll magazine has a fabulous spread showing all of the IT girls and their hardcore set of 3 ensembles. If Demi-Couture™ is just up your street, we suggest you keep a little smelling salts handy for this issue!

Finally, the Salon here in London has been really busy, with our diary almost jammed daily, with bookings well into 2009 and very few spaces remaining.
Just as a bit of fun and more doll time, this Friday evening (6pm onward) we will be having a small soiree in the Salon for those of you near enough to pop in, meet all the gorgeous new girls lined up for 2008 and well, just enjoy some champagne with us.
Please be sure to RSVP by email or phone if you would like to attend Friday night little tete-au-tete. (please note spaces for this get together are limited.)

See… it was all good news!
Till later
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