Tonner DC Stars New 52 Dolls!

Woot!  A new 52 Wonder Woman, Mera, and Supergirl!  Also a 22" American Model Harley Quinn.  I just sold my original Mera from the convention....looks like I was just in time to maybe get this one instead and have a less disco version.  I cannot wait to see Wonder Woman with the new Tyler sculpt...might be a fun new look for her.  I am glad the kept the Mera and Supergirl sculpts as those were both wonderful.  I am still a fan of the original Wonder Woman sculpt...but having a raven new Tyler sculpt is super exciting.  I liked the new Tyler quite a bit.  These are pretty limited at 300 each, but I am also to broke to pre-order these at full price right before the Integrity convention.  I will have to take my chances that Wonder Woman won't sell out....and then hope that I can catch Mera on sale and maybe get Supergirl's outfit loose.
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