Epic Cash Hemmorage

Oh dear....i might have just spent a ton of money...

I knew that the style lab would be my achilles heal.  And it did not disappoint. I definitely wanted all the outfit variations but I doubt I will keep all of the dolls that I bought.  I am planning to turn one of the boys into Techrat and one of the girls into Danse.  There were several fun options...one of the boys had blue steaks in his hair...might be good for Stormer's brother? 

In the souvenir shop...i was lucky enough to have a coupon for the amazing Tricks Up Her Sleeve Poppy....so adorable. I also got the cute blue hair Tullabelle.  From the collection, I thought that blonde Veronique was stunning and I also got Agnes.  Not sure if I will keep either of them yet...they might be going up for sale post convention.

In my mystery box was a Coney Island Poppy with her outfit (but she smells a bit like a basement and i think had a wonky eye...might make a good repaint) and a complete Avant Guard outfit...the one with the orange feather skirt. It also had get shoes, wig, jewelry, and extra hands and feet...which i think fit Tullabelle?  I thought it was a good deal in the end.  That outfit will look fun on this new blue hair Tullabelle.

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