Fashion Royalty Convention Looms

I am getting so excited.  I have been sewing like a maniac for this one.  I made a ton of little t-shirts with fun logos for the FR girls and Tulabelle.  And hats galore of course.    I have one competition entry finished and hoping to get at least one more done this week if the stars align.  I have my Halloween costume about 85% done...just have to finish the hair-piece and make sure the little velvet coat I have actually fits over this giant gut bump.  I have not figured out the fashion options for the rest of the weekend though...that is always tricky.  I assume I will be freezing everywhere I go and, after this last week and realizing how hard it is now to wrestle on tights of any sort, I will likely be rocking pants for the weekends festivities.  But perhaps I will actually do a dress for the fancy party.  We shall see if I have anything that fits.

Sadly my new Clark's boots are too tight.  Ugh.  Have to take them back to DSW to see if I can get the next size up.  I had planned to wear them all weekend and now that ain't happening.  Le sigh.  I know...first world problems.

I  have not decided if I will tote around a travel doll.  More than likely I will just grab one of the girls modeling the things I am selling from the room and bring her with me to events.

I also need to get some knitting planned since those dinners seem to last forever with so little programming.  Don't get me wrong, I love FR conventions...but there always seems to be at least 40 minutes of waiting around the table to process centerpieces and such...and I hate to be without a project of some sort.  
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