Happy De-Boxing Day: Ikea Huset Doll Furniture

I hobbled into the children's department at Ikea the other day to buy rugs and storage bins for the Grub room....and lo and behold found this swell set of mini Ikea doll house furniture.

The online price says 12.99 but I am pretty sure that I paid more like $16.99 for it...perhaps I am imagining that though.  At either price, it seemed like a deal for the bookcase, sofa, pillow, chair, end table, and rug.  The box also had little punch out cardboard decorations that are cute.  Anyway, I thought that it looked like the right scale for the Jem and Fashion Royalty dolls and I was right!  Now I am sure that I am late to the band wagon on this and everyone already has it and has been raving about this set....if not, get thee to an Ikea and get it!  Or get a friend to get to an Ikea...just get it!    

This was a 2013 set and I am REALLY hoping that they continue to do these picking different furniture and accessory favorites every year.  I would love to see some lamps, a desk, and a chair next.  The set is well made and would actually mix nicely with some of the recent Mattel Barbie furniture that has come out in the last couple of years...

There was also a back drop to be purchased to go along with this but I passed on it because it was a little cutesy for my taste.  Instead, I used some scrapbook paper to create a little wallpaper look. I plan to print out some Jem posters from the show to decorate the walls as well.  For now I am keeping the other half of the shelf on hold to see if another set comes out in 2014.

The sofa has a removable slip cover which means if you are crafty, you could copy it and make more covers to change up the look.  If you are not crafty, luckily there are crafty people who have done the work for you on etsy.
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