Happy De-Boxing Day: Who is He Kissing? Jem Giftset!

OMG!  I am completely in love with this set.  Jem is STUNNING.  I love her hair and her makeup.  Complete perfection...she is almost tempting me to just sell the Classic Jem off nude...as it is getting pretty crowded with Jem versions here what with five now (Hollywood, Classic, Glitter n Gold, Broadway, & now Kissing).  If we get another version this year than someone might get booted off the Hologram island.

Jerrica is also perfection.  Yes her bangs and super crunchy.  I did not even bother trying to comb them out and just stuck the super adorbs hat on her head.  I like the length of the hair and the curl in it.  She is also tempting me to boot the first Jerrica as a nude doll as well...but I hesitate since I am currently using Laka Orion from Convention as my Glitter n Gold Jerrica.  I had thought Laka and Jerrica were the same sculpt but evidently they are not....but Laka looks so darn good in that outfit and she is so very pretty to boot.  Hmmmmm.  

The outfits are great.  Prepare for a struggle getting those tiny buckles to move on the cute shoes though.  I was also excited to see a little pink ring for Jerrica.  I am a sucker for rings.  

I really hope we see more flipside fashions...as FASHIONS though and not dressed dolls.  Mama can't afford more dolls.  I also can't spare the space!  
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