Happy De-Boxing Day: The Stingers and Broadway Magic Jem!

Wow.  These are amazing.  I think I am most impressed with Rapture.  Her sculpt might be my favorite of the bunch thus far...truly a knockout.  Plus there is that tiny banana clip....TINY BANANA CLIP PEOPLE!  How can you resist that?  These dolls have great hair and wonderful re-dress potential for non-Jem fans out there.  Riot is a total hunk and the outfit is fantastic.  Minx has gorgeous long hair and her outfit is going to mix nicely with all that swag from the Color Infusion Style Lab from the last Convention.  

Broadway Magic Jem has really lovely soft makeup that is such a big contrast to the other Jem versions out there.  Plus her side sweep hair and sausage curls are fun.  I am pretty luke warm on the outfit at this moment.  It is an accurate representation of the cartoon fashion...but it has never been one of my favorites. I do adore the little wireless mic though.
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