Squee! Who's He Kissing Gift Set!

What wonderful luck I had today...got the email from Gigi & Sherry's dolls that my gift set was in and I happened to be leaving work early today and had time to grab it!

No time to de-box due to tech rehearsal...but I did gave time to open it up and take a gander. Gorgeous! I love Jem's makeup. The dark eyebrows and side glance eyes are fun. I know a lot of folks aren't into the side glance eyes but I think it works nicely with the theme of the set.  The hair looks pretty thick and the dress is cute. A nice suppose is the skirt which has the tiniest little sequins all over then. Adorable! Jerrica looks swell. The blue eyeshadow is cool but the eyelashes don't seem blue to me...maybe it was the light? I like her hair as well.

The box is nice and it would make a nice back drop for posting and taking pictures. 

Overall...super pleased. Can't wait to get these girls de-boxed.

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