Madame Alexander DC Dolls- Wonder Woman, Harley, and Poison Ivy

These were completely off my radar.  Somehow I am still on a Madame Alexander mailing list even though I have not bought an Alex doll in over a decade. These are new 16" dolls using the Alex articulated body. Wonder Woman's outfit is reminiscent of Linda Carter's oddly cut star spangled panties and gold chicken bodice.  If she ever goes on mega sale, I might be tempted.  Harley Quinn comes with a swell mallet but there is no photo of her without her mask or hood, so we have NO IDEA what lurks beneath that mask. The facial screening with the open smile is a little weird and her body suit needs to be way tighter. I think Ivy is the most successful.  I would love to see the leafy bathing suit thing in person and the leaf boots also look fun.  The tights are something we have not seen in previous doll versions.  Her screening looks nice and overall she captures the feeling and look of the character.

At $199 each, these are fairly in line with Tonner's DC Dolls prices but the MA Alex dolls have way more articulation. I am not a fan of the more simplified sculpt and cartoony facial screening on these dolls though. I have also had mixed feelings on the execution of the fashions (though I have had the same problem with Tonner in recent years).  The photography quality and the lack of detailed photos is real shame here.  If you think I am dropping $200 on a doll with only ONE PICTURE then you are clearly sniffing glue MA.   The always amazing website, Experience the Wonder, still only has promo pics of the Wonder Woman.  I will wait better pics from collectors before dropping cash.


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