2015 IT Cinematic Convention Friday Doll Musings from Afar-Poppy Parker Luncheon

The Poppy Parker luncheon delivered two cute late sixties glam dolls.  Love and Let Love had a swell sequin one shoulder gown with wonderful eye makeup. Paper Doll's dress is cute and I like the pink makeup. Her hair bump does not do it for me.

They revealed the inspiration for next year which is late sixties Catherine Deneuve, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, and Anna Karina. The line will be called Bon Bon: Poppy Goes to Paris.

A super adorable travel gift set that will finish out the Model Scene line was also revealed.  IT Airways gift set features a brunette bob with bangs wearing a pink uniform suit; a coat with funky boots, helmet hat, and travel bag; and a colorful mini dress.  I think she will be a W Club Exclusive.  I hope it is NOT a lottery as I think it will be in high demand. (But of course, it will be a lottery...and my luck with Poppy lotteries has been utter crap). I will try for it as I think it will work well with my mod spy Poppy collection.  The collection was based on the spectacularly weird and wonderful uniforms from Braniff Airlines.

Okay. I will update this later tonight after the pics from the bazaar come out. 


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