IT Cinematic Convention Pity Party

I often get comments that I look like Claire Danes (albeit a mucho chubby Claire Danes since I had the wee bairn)...and I am pretty sure I UGLY CRY like Claire Danes.

The Integrity Toys Doll Convention starts tomorrow.  I am not there.  Sadness.  I also do not have a proxy this year (unlike last year).  Even more sadness.  I have a horrible sinking feeling that everything is going to be stunning and amazing and I will not be able to get my hands on any of it.  Buckets of sadness.

Currently, two things are keeping me upright.  One, I was totally uninterested in that Reigning Grace Eugenia. So if everything is in that vein, then I will not be so horribly sad. (She says trying to convince herself that it will be true). Two, I was able to secure all the women's Color Infusion fashions "for a reasonable price"...basically at cost plus shipping.

The dolls from this convention could go so many ways.  The classic Hollywood look of Reigning Grace (based on Rear Window Grace Kelly) indicates that they might be using Old Hollywood for inspiration for the FR Dolls in the collection and as souvenirs.  They did this back for the Premiere Convention with the Kyori, Vero, and Natalia dolls (and did it very well).  Those dolls were in evening wear, so possibly this time they will stick with cocktail or day wear.  Of course, Poppy will likely draw inspiration from a film look of the late sixties or early seventies.  It might be fun to see a Sci-fi Barbarella look on her. Perhaps the Nu Face girls will be from a more recent film.  I will absolutely cry if they do Nu Face as Clueless characters (which is entirely possible since it is a Paramount film and Integrity has a business relationship with Paramount already).  The Color Infusion style lab is a total toss up.  In recent years the vibe has been dark and gothic (2013) or disco fever (2014).  I secretly hope for some 1980s love since these are the same bodies as the Jem dolls and the 80's rules. I would love to see a retro look on them too...especially since that style would work for my Katy Keene doll who is woefully lacking on suitable wardrobe at the moment.

The thing I am currently sweating is that Agnes gift set in the convention collection.  I love Agnes and LOVE gift sets. The pre-sale prices have been brutal.  I am game to pay extra....but not like $400 extra.  So I am hoping that if I wait patiently, I will get one in my price range. Of course, that is assuming that she ends up being a must-have.  I might find that some other doll entirely ends up being on my drool list. I still have the Giselle centerpiece from 2014 and the Workshop Elise as potential trade bait as well if I get desperate. I love both of those dolls...but a real stunner could sway me.

So here is hoping everything is glittery updos and ballgowns!  (which I hate).  More money to save for next year's convention.  Oh the anticipation is killing me already.  I do hope it is closer to my new home in Charlotte next year...or back near Chicago.

I will keep the blog as updated as I can with convention news and reviews from affair.  Join the convention Pity Party Coverage right here...bring your tissues and credit cards.


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