IT Cinematic Convention Swag Doll List

Current Doll Count: 38
Fashion Only Count: 13

Other: (3)
High Frequency Kumi ITBE Cocktail Party LE215
Heart Stopper Natalia 1.0 Mold ITBE Cocktail Party LE215
Reigning Grace Eugenia-W Club Upgrade Doll

Souvenirs: (4/1)
On Set Blue Retro gown LE600
Out of Sight Nadja R. LE600
Paper Doll Poppy Parker LE600
Sneak Peak Eden LE600
Making an Entrance Carolin Stone (Nu face) LE600

Centerpieces: (4)
Time and Again Adele Makeda  LE450
Love and Let Love Poppy Parker LE450
Stage Presence Veronique Perrin LE450
Starlet Elise Jolie

Convention Collection: (7)
LE 600 each
Beautiful People Chip Farnsworth III
In Rouges Erin Salston
Inner Spark Natalia Fatale
Feminine Perspective Agnes Von Weiss Giftset
Perfectly Suited Giselle Diefendorf
Sparkle, Poppy Sparkle! Poppy Parker
Star Power Vanessa Perrin

Workshop Dolls: (3)
LE 450 each
Director's Cut Ace Mcfly
Up All Night Lilith
Lash Out Poppy Parker

IT Direct Salesroom (ticket to purchase): (5)
Come Live With Me Nigel North
First Blush Ayumi
Traveling Incognito Poppy Parker
Idol Worship Kyori Sato
Evening Blossom Dominique Makeda
Mystery Box

Color Infusion Style Lab: (12)
LE 600 each
6 Female Dolls-Monroe Jillian/Pizazz, Adaline King/Jetta, Fabriana Diaz/Raya, Jaeme Costas/Jerrica, Fan Xi, Dree Hill
6 Female Fashions-Golden Moment, Mine all Mine, Dark Victory, Shanghai Bound, Passion, Rebel Desire
6 Male Dolls-Tobias Alford/Anthony?, Callum Windsor, Declan Wake, Miles Morgan/Nigel North, Sterling Riese/Rio, Kieron Morel
6 Male Fashions-Stars in Your Eyes, Debonair, Blue Suede Shoes, Natural Talent, Tropical Sunset, Wild One


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