She's Gotta Have It: My Picks from the IT 2015 Cinematic Convention

Well, it is not fun being at home.  I had a whole year without a doll convention...and now I am in a new city without a doll club as well.  Basically I have no one around me who understands my 'crazy'.  Le sigh.  I really want to go next year if only to be among my people.  Here is hoping the location and my teaching schedule will let that happen.  If not, I may just get a proxy again.  Then I won't have to deal with the stress of getting stuff.

Looking back on the offerings and news from the last few dolls, here are the things that excite me the most!

Director's Cut Ace McFly: I am loving this one.  The outfit is amazing.  I think it would be awesome to pose Ace in this and a raven hair doll in and variation of the Wild One outfit but with a black t-shirt and white jeans...TWINSIES! They could be dates for Lilith and Eden.  I am trying to get my hands on this one via ebay, the forums, or a trade. 

Moving onto the Style Lab Color Infusion dolls...these were much less funky offerings than they have been in previous years. I had secured the women's fashions right around cost before they were revealed and I am glad (and so is Katy Keene).  My favorites are Rebel Desire and Shanghai Bound.  Since most of the gown looks are actually separates, there is actually some fun mix and match potential here when you look at the pieces.  The purple halter from Shanghai is going to look swell with the pencil skirt from Rebel. 

For the men's looks, I already bought Tropical Sunrise via ye olde ebay.  It will be perfect for my Jem guys.  I am still trying to get my hands on Wild One.  I plan to use it for the aforesaid twins idea or to be a Zipper for my Misfits.

As for the convention collection, I am trying not to want any of it too badly.  Though I think it was a really solid collection, same for the salesroom exclusives, none of it really fits in my collection. The Agnes set w/the bonus outfit is really awesome, but I just can't see it on my shelf with what I have now.

While the Poppy's were all adorable, I am saving my pennies (and wishes should she be a lottery) for the IT Airways giftset.

I loved the platinum Sneak Peak Eden.  I am hoping that at 600 pieces and being a basic dolls....and with the recent club giftset, people will not want to hold onto theirs and won't be charging mad dollars to sell her.  Fingers crossed.

The two gala dolls were great. I don't need them luckily. The new sculpt is gorgeous and Elise is always stunning.   I look forward to seeing this new sculpt in the regular line.

Some of them I am super excited about some of the news coming out of this convention for next year. Of events I am super excited about some of the news coming out of this Convention for next year. A 12 inch Tulabelle line entitled "the industry" sounds very promising. I am hoping it is filled with playful modern looks with lots of color. Poppy Parker going back to her 1960s looks is also a great thing. I am sure the bonbon poppy goes to Paris line will be huge and suck up a lot of Dolly dollars. The biggest in best news of all is that the convention is returning to Chicago in 2016! That will make it so much easier for me to either attend or send someone in my place should my work schedule allow for it. It also makes it less expensive since I can just stay with my family or friends if I need to (though staying in the hotel is always fun).

 So in closing, I thought the convention offerings this year were cohesive and very attractive. However, they are not to my personal taste so it is a very good thing that I did not shell out to attend.  I think that if you were a lover of retro glam Then you would have been in heaven with this convention. I am NOT a fan of ball gowns and I love color. The Cinematic theme meant lots of black and white Dolls in glam looks inspired by classic cinema and movie stars. I prefer more funky modern-day wear. I prefer more funky modern day where or couture runway looks. It's no big deal though. I'm sure IT will figure out a way to pry money from my hands in the coming months.


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