IT 2015 Cinematic Convention- Sleepy Thursday Musings from A Far...

The Adele Makeda Time and Again Centerpiece doll is very classy.  I love the big hair on her.  She has a great Olivia Pope vibe.

After getting better looks at the Style Lab Dolls, I would love to get my paws on the Jaeme/Jerrica doll.  She looks great in that tan skin tone.  I also want to find some of the men's fashions.

Seeing real pictures of the  most recent Nu Face collection, Nadja is STILL the winner but I do really like the Ayumi as well.

This time zone thing is kicking my behind....I am having a hard time staying up to see the souvenir doll for tonight....might have to update this later.


Out of Sight Nadja yall...I love this sculpt.  I am pretty tempted to hunt her down as I also don't have any short haired flocked dolls.  Kudos to Integrity for there ongoing dedication to giving us gorgeous dolls in all beautiful colors (now if we can only get one in a plumper size...I would love an Adele doll...just saying).

Pics of Adele and Nadja here...


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