IT 2015 Cinematic Convention Musing from Afar- Wednesday

So thanks to the magic of Flickr...We have already seen the bulk of the convention collection.  So far, nothing is making me weep with sadness that I won't have it. What a relief!  I mean SURE I would love to have some of them, but nothing is killing me.  The Agnes gift set is very cool with the lingerie and the Dietrich suit but I prefer my Agnes more modern and less retro.  Giselle with the short hair is cute but I am not into the suit.  It is too much like the awesome tuxedo jumpsuit from last year's Elise centerpiece.  I swear I recognize Star Power Vanessa's dress from a film...but I have not been able to figure it out.  I think it is in one of my costume books at work.

Currently I am most interested in the In Rouges Erin and the Workshop Lilith.  I like the hair and the pleated skirt is adorable. Lash out Poppy Workshop doll is also gorgeous with the platinum hair and the green eye shadow. I do love that Agnes.  I am trying not to think about her too much. I also love the outfit on the Workshop Ace...and platinum hair! Swoon. He will be impossible to get.

More about Color Infusion later...

Still trying not to think about Agnes.
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