IT 2015 Cinematic Convention Color Infusion Thoughts

Nigel North as Marlon Brando is the standout here.  He looks amazing. I kind of want the outfit so that I can make a custom Zipper for my Misfits. I also love the Elvis thing with him. No Asian sculpt this year!  Crazy-ness. I am really glad I held onto the guy from last year.

I will definitely keep some of these for Katy Keene.  I love the Lavender Lady look on Rebel Desire.  I will likely keep the gold gown too and maybe one of the black or the lovely brown gown with the nifty midriff modeled off a Lauren Bacall dress.  I think it's great they made several of the dresses into body suits and skirts.  It adds more versatility.  There is some great jewelry and footwear in this group too.  Glad I got these.  Now to hunt down the Wild One leather outfit and the James Dean Tropical Sunrise fashion.


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