Christmas Crunch Time Craftorama!

Ugh...yes, it's 3a...and I am still awake and crafting. I just finished my latest entry for the bloody project dollway thingy and I am most pleased with it. I think it is one I might actually keep when this thing is over as it will look fabu on Wonder to come shortly.

And I managed to finish two cute little purses from the Cute Stuff Aranzi Aronzo book to send along to San Francisco with Brian as gifts for his nieces. This is a fun book with lots of cute and clever things to make. Highly recommended...

Twig Lace Cap
And I finished knitting several hats to send with him too. Here's the Twig Lace Hat made from the Knit Picks Medieval Sampler kit.

And I crocheted some little dishwasher thingies called Tawashi.
Eco Tawashi

My hands feel like shriveled claws at the moment. I still have one more thing to sew and then I can chill for a little while...ugh. Holidays...and I even started early with all the knitting and sewing...but I still end up with my back against the wall. sigh. so much crafting and never enough time.
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