Birchbox and Citrus Lane: treat yourself

So, I decided to give myself a treat this year. I had heard about a monthly mystery box subscription for beauty stuff (birchbox) and also found one for babies (citrus lane).  I am a total whore for makeup and the box seemed like a fun way to try things out.  The baby box is customized to your both gender and age and based on reviews it seems like a good value. 

I signed up for a year of Birchbox and 6 months of citrus lane. I found a discount code to get the first month at citrus lane for less.  My first birchbox arrived yesterday! I have only had time to try out the burt bees lotion (which was nice) and they had a good coupon to buy it in stores included. It also had some fancy shampoo and conditioner, some body lotion samples, and a travel size natural mascara.   I will try those out this weekend.

As a part of my annual resolution to Make an Effort....I am also trying to be nicer to myself. I tend to buy things and then save them. I have heard people using the expression "saving them for the queen" regards to keeping your good China in the cabinet and only using it on rare and special occasions. I am trying to treat everyday as an occasion: use the good perfume, wash your face with the really good soap, use the fancy moisturizer, wear your best underwear...etc. 

So treat yourself...don't save it for the Queen or lunch with the Pope.

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