2014 Tonner Convention Registration Live "Its About Time!"

So we got the registration go ahead from Tonner today.  I have to say...they really need to up their game to convince me this year.  After that Fashion Royalty convention, I doubt anything can compete (even this year's FR Convention...).  These veiled hints are leaving me cold.  All the references to time are leading most people to assume Deja Vu is one of the dolls. I currently have no interest in that sculpt. Also the hints mention Tyler...and we already know that one of the dolls available at the convention will be Lady Action using the Tyler 2.0 sculpt on the heroic body.  What we don't know is whether this will just be a doll available to buy in the salesroom or if it will be a breakout event souvenir...or something else.   Frankly I cannot imagine the regular convention attendee being excited about a Lady Action Breakout event for $200 or more.  Of course there could be another Tyler at one of the other events (or even the ultra basic doll often given as a souvenir).
The Thursday night event is Victorian themed. This seems weird to me since they just hit Victorian at last year's convention.  Victorian is a pretty large time period from 1837-1901 actually which leaves the door wide open. Clearly the folks at Tonner have broad interpretations of time periods based on what we got last year (the sequin disco go-go dresses for the 60's theme luncheon and the late Victorian era fashions for what should have been an Edwardian era Downton Abbey themed doll).  It would be fun if they went for the Crinoline or Bustle period within the Victorian era.  

Renaissance does nothing for me either for the Wilde Imagination event.  Can I just say that I am tired of 'costumey' dolls!  Its one thing when you attending a Halloween convention...you go with the knowledge that things will get costumey.  But what has happened to the classy dolls of yesterday?  Not that I am a big ballgown fan or anything...but I think the average collector would just about die if they got a Tyler or Sydney in a red carpet like fashion.  I miss FASHION DOLLS!  I want fashion...(or superheroes of course).  All the fantasy heavy themes that we have been getting over the years are getting old.  I don't need birds.  I don't need carousels.  Just give us a Tyler Red Hot again. The last 'fashion" dolls I think we were offered at convention were the black white and yellow Cami, Jon, and Andy dolls at the thursday night event available for purchase...that was like three years ago right?

So will I go?  Not sure.  Besides having the baby to wrangle in May...which would make volunteering and being a vendor tricky, the current infomation leaves me doubtful.  Of course there is the vendor room which I normally do...but $400 registration fee plus the $80 vendor table...and the inevitability of the convention not selling out and then Tonner selling all the convention exclusive dolls for nearly the same price on their website just days after the convention leaves me wondering if it will be worth it.  Chances are good that I could get anything that I wanted from the convention after the fact and not be stuck with anything that I don't want.  So there ya have it...once more info is released I will make my decisions...or perhaps try to Proxy for someone so that I can do vendor sales again.  As of now, I don't plan to attend the Integrity Convention in person but have considered getting a proxy for the event.  Maybe I should save my dolly dollars for that instead.

Info from the Tonner E-Blast...

It's time to register for our Con,
Where TIME is our theme.
You won't believe what's up our sleeve...
Straight from our wildest dream!

Time is of the essence - please do not delay.
We're holding a Victorian ice cream social,
What more can we say?

A renaissance-themed costume ball
And seriously WILDE times, too,
"Once upon a time" will be
An exciting time for you!

So don't waste another second, my friend!
We want to see you there, old chum.
Won't you come out and play?

Need some more convincing?
Not quite sure just yet?
There are magical dolls just for you!
On that you can surely bet.

A convention means good times are in store,
With lots of entertainment galore,
Surprises for dear Tyler and MORE!
OH!  Just pack your bags and hit the door!!

Join us for the time of your life May 15th-18th in Lombard, IL. They say time flies when you're having fun, so prepare to soar!  Get ready for a Tyler-iffic surprise as well as the grand door prizes, super-stocked sales room, incredible Vendor Sales room and fabulous workshops you have come to know and love!  Not to mention this year's 16" fashion doll souvenir ... let's just say she's just in time.

This year's convention promises some of our most compelling collections yet - don't even think of wasting one more second thinking about it - register today!  $399 per person.  $100 non-refundable deposit holds your seat.

Want to have even MORE fun at convention?  Consider volunteering! It's a great way to get to know your fellow collectors and be in the thick of all the action.  Everyone knows we couldn't do what we do without the great support of our volunteers, and we're always looking for conscientious folks with boundless enthusiasm to fill a variety of positions.  Do YOU fit that description?  Some areas of service are listed below:

Vendor Sales Room, Competition, Raffle, and Exhibit.  Duties may include but not limited to setting up, taking down, and monitoring.  Competition, Raffle, and Exhibit rooms may request that you be available early on the first day of convention to help set up.  Expect to spend 3-4 hours minimum volunteering.  

 As you would in your own home, be a gracious host/hostess by introducing yourself and everyone at your table.  You will assist with various duties such as taking meal tickets, passing out souvenirs, conducting the sale of the centerpiece, and helping the winner of the centerpiece in packing up their new treasures.  Volunteers for hosting may well be asked to serve an additional duty as a monitor in other areas.
Because we have so many people who would like to help, we can only accept a certain number for each convention.  To be fair to all, a random selection process will be utilized to choose our volunteers and their respective assignments.  Several weeks before the convention, decisions will be made regarding assignments, and notifications will be provided to all who have expressed an interest.   For volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Ann Rast at:  annrast@aol.com
If you have a physical limitation, please let Ann know about it.

WORKSHOPS:  If you have a doll-related talent which you would like to share with other collectors, please let us know.  Please contact Nancy Shomo at Tonner Doll for further information--  nshomo@tonnerdoll.com

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