Adventures in Motherhood: Diaper Cover Update

So we ended up getting a diaper service from Green Diaper Babies in Chicago and so far so good!  I really like being able to change diapers with wild abandon where when using the disposables...I keep like a running tally of money in my head every time I switch one.  I don't know why. We are still using disposables when we leave the house for any amount of time just for the ease of things and I occasionally toss him in one at night when I am changing the diaper at 3am.  He tends to hate diaper changes and anything to make the screaming stop as soon as possible at 3a is a good thing.

So the diaper covers I made are working great.  I could have skipped the newborn size and gone straight to the small size though.  I also did not need to put the "flap pockets" on the inside because I never use them to hold the diaper in place.  I use snappis to keep the cloth diaper on.  So I will skip that step when making the next size.  This first batch uses velcro closures.  The velcro is fast to get on and off but when I am undoing it, the sound sometimes startles the baby leading to more crying.  The 'male' side of the velcro is also making the elastic a bit of a mess by catching on it...but that is fine really.  You also have to be sure to close the velcro before you toss it in the laundry bag.

The PUL fabric has been washing well but I have found that you can't just leave #2 on it and expect it to come out in the wash.  I keep a can of lysol wipes right next to the tub of baby wipes and use one of the lysol wipes to wipe down the inside of the diaper cover whenever there is a blow out before I put it in the laundry bag.  If the diaper is just getting a little smelly but not soiled, then I have been giving them a rinse in the sink and hanging to dry.  I am not putting these in the dryer.

I did break down and buy the snap tool and a bag of white snaps to use for the next round.  I thought they would be useful to general baby-clothes making as well.
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