Tonner Convention- Lady Action Lunch Open Registration

Tonner has opened up the Lady Action event to everyone.  They have also dropped that the special souvenir outfit for Lady Action is for Wonder Woman!!!  Weeeee!  I wonder what it will be? I would love one of her soldier outfits like this one...if it is just another version of her regular wonder undies...I will be miffed unless it is a retro version with the shorts or skirt and the lace up sandals.

So if you aren't one of the regular convention attendees, you can now just sign up for the breakout event for the crazy price of $60!  That gets you food, a chance at door prizes, the lecture/program part of the event, and whatever random table favor they cook up.  You will then be able to purchase a Lady Action doll and the souvenir Wonder Woman fashion for her.  If I had to guess, the outfit will be anywhere from $60-$99) and Lady Action will be around $149-199.  Once I found out the price to attend, I opted to hunt down a proxy instead.  Convention goers can attend the breakout event for $99 and the outfit is included so clearly that is a way better deal.

Lady Action has a facebook page fyi...

Initially I was lukewarm on Lady Action....BUT if they decide to be true to the spirit of Lady and Captain Action, then it would mean getting a bunch of superhero OUTFITS which would be awesome!.  I do love the Tyler 2.0 sculpt as well.  So if they made like a basic Lady Action in different haircolors or a wig version, then they released outfit versions of different characters...I would be very pleased.  Same for Captain Action!

-Join us for a LADY ACTION Launch Party
at the Tonner Collectors Convention - 

British Superspy Lady Action - spun out of the nostalgic Captain Action comic book series with adventures all her own - takes TonnerCon by storm, along with special guest Ed Catto!

In 1966, Captain Action leapt into action as the original super hero action figure that had the ability to change into other superheroes, including Superman, Batman, Captain America, etc.  This was accomplished by DC and Marvel character costumes to fit Captain Action sold separately.  The character was the latest concept from toy and idea man Stan Weston, who just two years before had helped Hasbro create the G.I. Joe line. Weston had been the first to propose the idea of an articulated figure in the form of a soldier. From there, Hasbro's Don Levine and his team brought to market America's movable fighting man, and the first modern action figure for boys.

So, too, is Lady Action a woman of the times with the ability to become other superheroes via costumes.  Witness the transformation for yourselves at this Action-packed luncheon, with the incomparable guest speaker Ed Catto of Captain Action Enterprises. 
The fee is for the meal event only; however, a special LE Lady Action Character Figure, and also a Wonder Woman outfit for Lady Action will be available for purchase at the event.  The time for Action is near!
Entry to this event also includes entry to the 
Tonner/Wilde Salesroom.

You need not be attending the Tonner Convention to register for the Launch Party.  Come one, come all!
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