Tonner 2014 Mainline Release

Well...yeah.  So that happened today.

Use the code MAINLINE14 to get 10% off and free shipping until 4/9.

Absolutely nothing for me here.  Frankly I don't get why they do releases and offer discounts with expiration dates when more than half of the dolls don't have images!  Unreal.  They want us to pre-order sight unseen? Not likely.

Lots of little girl dolls including more Patsy and Patsyette on the Tiny Betsy body and a new line called Half-Pint. Half-Pint is a modern cutesy whereas Patsy is retro cutesy.

I could care less about Big Bang Theory but I would love to get Sheldon's outfit at some point.  The sculpt looks good actually and I like that they used the teen body for Amy.  We have to wait to see the sculpt for Amy (unless you saw the forbidden photos from Toy Fair).  I also noticed it said "first edition" for Sheldon so I wonder if there will be a "second edition" like maybe an Comic-Con exclusive version with an alternative shirt and bonus accessories?  It would make sense and likely be a popular exclusive for SDCC.

They are making a Twilight Reneesme using the WI Patience body.  So she can wear those clothes but they are mostly ridiculous.  I wonder why they didn't use the Marley body?

The DC Stars line will get Adam West Batman and Julie Newmar Catwoman.  This is cool but I will be passing on these..though it gives me hope for a Linda Carter Wonder Woman!

There are some gorgeous new American Models this round for those of you with TONS of SPACE and MONEY.    Also some new Cami & Jon dolls which are cute enough...but I am waiting for more Tulabelle in the upcoming Integrity Spring Release.  Also more Tiny Kitty.
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