Tonner 2011 Toy Fair Preview is up! My thoughts...

There's are two new Gemma Arthertons for Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia. I wonder is they just reused the Tamina head for Io? If they did...I think her sculpt is better in the tan than this cameo skintone...but I still like Io. The outfit would make a great Amazon outfit. Both films were wretched though. However, the Io doll could be rerooted in red to make a swell Strawberry Fields doll from the recent Bond flick to go with your Daniel Craig from Golden Compass.

New Anne Harper characters! using the wonderful Friday Foster sculpt again, Diane Evans, and another new character, Patricia Holt with a new sculpt. The James Collins sculpt looks pretty wonderful. Costumes are fun too...

I really hope we see some more DC Stars though!

The new Joan Crawford Devil in White doll is STUNNING! I love the hair and smokey eyes.

Lots of new Alice in Wonderland things. I love that Voyage of Wonder Alice. the outfit is great and I really like this sculpt.

Vampire Diaries Damon..he looks cool. I am not sure how good the likeness is really...but it is a nice looking sculpt.
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