Down the Blythe Rabbit Hole...

A couple of years ago I bought Nikki Lad Blythe.  She was an adorable tom boy doll.  Then I was getting I sold a TON of stuff so that we wouldn't be one of those idiot couples that end up in a bunch a debt from their wedding (no I would rather be an idiot doll collector in a bunch of debt from these genuine plastic divas demanding I purchase them all the damn time).  I sold her and did not look back....

Until I did. And here we are kids...I just got my first 'factory blythe'...meaning she is like an off brand Blythe un-officially cobbled together from official parts. I have been watching customization videos like crazy on ye olde you tube.  I got her last week and have already taken her a part, sanded her face, and used a dremel and files to give her lips and nose a new shape.  I have ordered the most freaking adorable pair of little pink nike sneakers for her and have been sewing up a storm. I am going with a rose gold glam look for her makeup and she will be like a glamorous rosey pink version of Luna Lovegoode.


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