Tonner Jonah Hex Saloon Leila SDCC Exclusive

Too bad Megan Fox is my sworn enemy because this figure looks really nice.  Looks like she is on the regular 16" tyler body.  The likeness sculpt is not too bad.  I am used to seeing Megan Fox with a whore-load of eye makeup on though so I think that's where it is throwing me for a loop.  Plus the lack of tattoos.  The vacant expression is right though.  I wonder if we will be getting Mr. hex as well?  FYI...Jonah Hex is a DC comic book. One of my favorite writers, Jimmy Palmiotti often writes it.  Tis good.

Saloon Leila from Jonah Hex™
San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Exclusive!
Saloon Leila from Jonah Hex™ will be available for purchase exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con. At the conclusion of San Diego Comic-Con, if any product remains it will be available for purchase right here on!
Product description to come.....

Price: $149.99
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