Sybarite Fugu pic up at Hautedoll!

You can see a preview pic of Sybarite's new sculpt Fugu over at Hautedoll. I like the sculpt but I am not wild about this face up on her...never been a fan of that eyebrow style. Still she is pretty interesting but they don't know her actual retail price yet..but they are still ready and willing to take your money ($100 deposit) to hold her starting April 20th. I think I will wait for one with a better face. This one is limited to 100 pieces.

From hautedoll:
Watch out for your other Sybarites when you bring Fugu-San home! This pale skinned beauty with the sultry eyes, pencil thin eyebrows and red red lips has been given an edgy demeanor. Superfrock contends that she is a force to be reckoned with. I find her striking with her lack choppy hair, intricate gown of a coarse weave - Superfrock's allusion to the Japanese bondage art of kinbaku. Haute Doll is pleased to offer Fugu-San to subscribers. She is a limited edition of 100. We will accept deposits of $100 to hold your doll starting on April 20. We do not have the suggested retail price on this doll as we go to press, but as soon as this information becomes available, specifics will be posted on our Web site,
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