New Ellowyne & Mortimer Outfits, Evangline Doll, & Free Shipping at Wilde Imagination

Olive Drab Outfit
Price: $79.00 
In OLIVE DRAB I sit and wait
For something to come and seal my fate;
What might that be? Well, I'm not quite sure
But I hope it has something to do with haute couture...

This outfit consists of an olive green dress, matching slip, belt, arm bands, ribbed knit tights, faux suede short boots, and designer jewelry.  LE 1,000

Mortimer Well Preserved Outfit
Price: $85.00 
NEW!  It's the perfect outfit for every stylish Mortician-in-Training. Evangeline knew that Mortimer needed the perfect look for his new job at Mort's Mortuary, so she stayed up very late one evening sewing his newest outfit. Includes a shirt, tie, vest, cuffed pants, socks, shoes, and an apron - of course!    LE 350

Price: $190.00 

NEW!  It's our newest vinyl Evangeline with inset blue eyes,* applied lashes, and a changeable platinum wig. She's approximately 17" tall and completely ball jointed, with delicate hand painted features.  She comes dressed in a body suit, golden cravat and trim, lined brocade vest with golden buttons, pants, velvet jacket with ribbon ties, hat, pantyhose, and faux suede boots with laces and silver grommets.  The most fitting of looks for a day at the office, a picnic by the moors, or just writing in her diary.  LE 350

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