TonnerSpace Newsletter July 2008!

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First up...Ultimate BJD Betsy. She's adorable. I am not a fan of the little girl dolls...but I adore Tiny Betsy. She is just about the cutest thing ever. I got the Daffy BJD doll from the Spring 2008 Tonner Convention and I just adore her. This basic bjd Betsy will retail at $250 and is supposed to be out in August.

The newsletter also has some previews of the upcoming Get Smart Dolls of Anne Hathaway and Steve Carrell. The two costumes they have pictures of for Agent 99 are her silver evening gown and the white trenchcoat and skinny pants. I hope the evening gown doll is wigged like she was in the film. These could be fun dolls. The sculpts look great. I am really excited about the Anne Hathaway doll. She sort of has an Ellowyne vibe about her (but without the ginormous head). They will both be on the normal Tyler and Matt bodies so they will be able to share clothes with the rest of the gang.

And the biggest news are some sneak peaks of the Fall 2008 Collection debuting on July 15h....Weeee!

Fabulous new Dreary family dolls...I MUST have them all!

A Bitchy Looking Sydney

A Re-imagination Doll in Pink and Maribou...not sure what character she is though?

A Jac in a green portrait collar and updo.

Ballerina Oz Dolls!!! What a fun idea!

BLACK CANARY!!!!! OMG! I am soooo excited! Man I hope Green Arrow is coming too!

And an America Model in period wear.

Final word: I am in REAL trouble next year....
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