Tonner Fall 2008 Is up!

Link here. My thoughts in a moment...

Notable things...

Lee Scorsby from Golden Compass...very fun!

Black Canary!! Who uses the Tess Sculpt...

The Christmas Dreary Family!

Cool new ballerina witches and high fashion witches from Oz. The two fancy dress dolls look like they might be wig dolls. Not sure.

Re-Imagination Mummy Dearest! I love fun! She uses the Supergirl sculpt.

Re-Imagination Cynders, who uses one of the Devereaux sculpts.

And then the storyline of the Devereaux Sisters has been posted, but the dolls themselves won't debut until August 8th. Looks like there will be several characters in addition to the girls.

So I definitely want Black Canary, Mummy Dearest, and at least the Sister Dreary doll nude if not the whole shebang. It looks like everything has not been updated yet...we still have Voss and Tyler stuff to come. Also, there will be more dolls added to teh Lara Croft line as well as another character using the 17" female athletic sculpt that sounds like it will be some sort of exclusive for the Gary Fletcher Pattern Company. But not sure...
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