Tonner Reveals SDCC Exclusives!

Tonner will be at booth 4148 at San Diego Comic COn. The will have two exclusives...the super bitchin Phantom Zone Supergirl and the Arkham Asylum Joker.

Here's the info on Supergirl:

"First up is Phantom Zone Supergirl! It is a limited edition of only 200, Certificate of Authenticity provided, and she will be available at Comic Con for only $139.99!! At sixteen inches tall, this bullet proof beauty comes decked in all white, trimmed in gold. Her cross-over midriff top is emblazoned with her gold super 'S' and she has white, thigh-high boots and gold laces. Because we at TONNERDirect are concerned with your convenience, the 28 eyelets are already laced (they zip from the back)! Aglets not included."

I adore her...such a great outfit and her hairstyle looks really nice. I cannot wait to get her.

Here's the Joker 411:

"Next is the final component of our three-show collector set: Arkham Asylum Joker! There are only 100 of the captive crown prince of crime! And he is a steal (as he would like to have it) at $139.99 as well. Like his cohorts that were previously incarcerated at WW Philly and WW Chicago, Joker is donning asylum issue orange duds and he is definitely miffed about his current living arrangements! Complete your collector set or hold it over the head of someone else who needs to!! (Don't be mean, but enjoy the moment.)"

I am less excited about the Joker. I guess I was REALLY hoping for a straight jacket. I might still make one for him. I am still trying to decide if I will actually buy this version. He is super limited with only 100 pieces...and I do already have the other two. But I really want the original outfit as well and I know the original Joker can be had for $99 at Dollmarket and the chances or reselling a nude Joker are pretty slim. I guess I could try a rescupt and repaint on him. I would really love to make him look more like Alex Ross's joker in the Tango painting. Oh I don't know...decisions, decisions.

Luckily since I am there early to set-up...I believe I can pick up my exclusives on wednesday night and avoid the craziness on thursday morning. Yee haw!
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