Tonner 2011 Toy Fair Collection is up!

Check it out.
American Models! Articulation finally!  I really hope they offer replacement bodies too....and possibly a recycling program for the old bodies.  You know everyone will want to replace them.  The Goth Basic is fun.

Antoinette.  I like the silent film star makeup on Luxuries.  Otherwise...too frothy for my taste.

DC Stars!!!!  God love them for doing this modern 13" Catwoman!   Though...she should have shorter hair.  Selina usually sports a bob or shorter.  I like the Heroine sculpt though.  It reminds me of Miss Gulch.  Sweet Jesus...22" Wonder Woman...sigh...this is a must have for me. She looks gorgeous.  they are killing me with all these sizes.  But Tonner is not dumb...and he knows his Wonder Woman fans (like his Alice and Wonderland fans) are diehards and would buy a potato in a star spangled bikini if he put one out.  (Wonder Spud!)  Raven looks great but I am not a big fan of her character.  Starfire looks fantastic and I notice that they have lowered the price for the deluxe superheroes (which is good....).  I am not a big fan of her character but the hair and skin-tone make her very tempting.  13" Black Canary is fabulous and adorable.  I want her.  Dove is great.  I would be more interested in getting Dove if we also had a Hawk to go with her though.  It's like peanut butter and chocolate.  I do like the use of Kit for the doll and the outfit is perfect.

Disney Princesses...cute but I don't care.  I do like that they keep using the teen body for these.

Freedom for Fashion!  Finally...and Asian male sculpt and it is WONDERFUL!  The woman is also amazing.  And I think the fashions in this line are very edgy and forward thinking.  Toyko Sleek Him is great.  Sori Aiko would make a wonderful Lady Shiva or even an Cassandra Cain for the comic book nerds like me.

Harry PotterFleur...very cute and the outfit is great.  I want to steal those shoes.

Theatre de la Mode...this new headsculpt is STUNNING...but this doll is totally out of my price range.

Twilight....Jasper...sigh...I would love to add these...but I just can't do it.  Not enough real estate.

Tyler Wentworth!  Signature Statement is a great update on Tyler's classic outfit and the hair and skintone would great.  I even like the side glance eyesSo Sleek Sydney is a fun outfit...but that wig...shudder.  i do hate the wig dolls.  I know people love them.  I am not one of those people.

Vampire Diaries  I think the sculpts are good for these...elena and damon especially.  I am not sure about Stefan though....maybe it is the paint job.  They are great looking male dolls though. 

Must haves...22" Wonder Woman, 13" Catwoman and Black Canary, Toyko Sleek Him, Hogyo Yoshio, and Sori Aiko.
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