Tonner News...peak at Fleur, Anna Karenina and more...'s a sneak peak of Fleur from Harry Potter!  And the Doty award winning Anna Karenina...a 22" American Model doll.  There are also a few more updates on the Tonner Toyfair Pre-release page: A new Bette Davis named Stardust, another Anne Harper doll Feather in Your Hat and another outfit.  I want to like the Anne Harper dolls...but they are just too 'safe' for me.  I think I like the more cheeky Monica Merrill fashions...

We should be seeing the rest of the lines next friday.  Squeal!  I am trying to sell a bunch of dolls to make way for new ones...sigh...a never ending cycle.

I am thinking that the Vampire Diaries Damon might make a good Sam Winchester from Supernatural. Hmmm.
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