IT Gloss Convention Collection-Thoughts from a Distance

Of course, all decisions will be made once the gals and here in person.

Overall, they are totally gorgeous.  I think the clear nod to the Studio 54 Disco fashions is fun.  I am not really an evening gown person though so I am not sure how many will stay because of this...some might get redressed and their outfits sold.

Nightshade Kyori

I really like the hair and makeup on this one.  The jumpsuit is also pretty slick.  I am pretty torn on this one as I still completely adore last year's Dangerous to Know Kyori and I really try to stick to the one sculpt to rule them all way of collecting.  So whether she stays is still up in the air.

Dark Moon Poppy

Um yeah...this doll is so cool.  I missed out on the IFDC girls so I am pretty sure she is staying.

La Villa Lumiere Simonetta- Studio IT Alysa sculpt

Hmmm.  Not sure.  Once again I prefer the day wear/sportswear looks on my dolls so cocktail stuff does nothing for me.

Cold Shoulder Eugenia

Totally gorgeous...but yeah I don't think she is for me.

Adorned Vanessa

Also stunning...but I love Fashion Explorer more.

Nocturnal Glow Veronique

This one might stay.  I like the fashion and the doll. A lot!

Grandiose Natalia

She looks amazing. I love the screening and skintone.  I might keep her and sell the outfit.


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