IT Gloss Convention Friday Haul...Thoughts from a Distance two.  Color Infusion! I am definitely glad that I pre-ordered the entire collection. All of the Homme fashions are amazing.  I am especially in love with the leopard loafers seen on Declan, the tweed suit on Rio/Sterling, and the anorak on Ace/Riot!  As for the Homme Dolls, obviously I will reserve final judgment until I see them in person...but I am pretty pleased with the Rio/Sterling, Declan, Tenzin (the Asian guy), and the long haired Callum Windsor.  I like Ace/Riot and Remi with his festive Afro but not sure if I will keep them.

The girls are really fun.  A fellow Jem fan pointed out that the "Darby Kenner" name and even the hairstyle is a clear nod to 70's fashion doll Darci by Kenner.  There was even a Darci Perfect Pose playset...hence the Color Infusion Perfect Pose name!  Very fun.  I adored my Darci doll as a kid.  So the blonde Darby/Rapture doll is a definite keeper for me (plus I love the Rapture sculpt!) I also love Blue/Kimber, and Monroe/Pizazz.  The rest of the girls are potentially on the chopping block.  I loved the outfits on Adaline (ladies night), Blue (love hangover), Monroe (jungle boogie), and Janay (solid gold).

Angel in Blue
Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Official Convention Centerpiece Doll

Limited Edition 300 Dolls

So clearly the Gloss theme is focusing its design inspiration on the 70's disco look.  We are seeing a lot of Studio 54 or American Hustle looks and things that are reminiscent of Halston and Dionne Von Furstenberg wrap dresses.  But I never expected that look to carry into the world of Poppy Parker.  The centerpiece poppy was a bit of a shocker to many.  I did not win her and that was just fine with me because she is not really my style.  I bet she will be great for redressing though.

Starlight Poppy Parker™ Dressed Doll
Official Convention Giveaway Doll

Limited Edition of 500 Dolls

The luncheon souvenir Poppy Starlight is completely adorable.  She was also one of the dolls that did not make it to the con until Saturday.  I can't wait to see her in person.  The hair color looks really pretty on her.  During the luncheon program, David Butry showed images of popular mod models that will be the inspiration for next year's lineup The Model Scene. There was also a teaser pick of the W Club Holiday Poppy.

Luxury Wear Costume (Outfit only)
Official Convention Souvenir
Limited Edition of 500 Outfits

Friday Evening Bazaar was a hybrid dance party/vendor salesroom event.  They gave out a very nifty looking red evening gown (have not learned the name yet).  It seems a bit similar to the purple dress on Sheer Sensuality Vanessa.  I don't really do ball gowns so I will likely be selling/trading this.

So Friday Keepers: Starlight Poppy, Tenzin, Declan, Sterling, Callum, Darby, Monroe, and Blue.  Oufits: all of the Homme fashions, Ladies Night, Love Hangover, Jungle Boogie, and Solid Gold.


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