Scandal Collection at Limited...Fashion for your Inner Gladiator

So Scandal is my weakness.  I love that ridiculous show.  One of the key reasons why I love it is all the fabulous winter white outfits and cape coats seen on its star Kerry Washington. The characters on this show wear clothes that look powerful, smart, and sexy.  Well Miss Washington and the show's costume designer Lyn Paolo have teamed up to create a clothing line for Limited.  I checked it out in person the other day it is positively yummy.  Of course, it is not the cheapest stuff ever...but the price points are fairly consistent with stores offering women's work wear (Ann Taylor, J Crew, etc) and the quality seemed nice.  I was particularly fond of the whole color story of the line and the amazing cape coats.  I might save some money and buy pieces when they go on clearance.

 I am trying to slowly up my clothing game lately...but I am also trying hard to lose all this darn baby weight and the going is SLOOOOWWWWW! Twice as slow as when I lost all the weight the first time.  So I don't really want to drop a bunch of money on things that HOPEFULLY won't fit in three months. But blouses and coats should not be a big deal as lord knows my boobs are here to stay no matter what my waist size is :).  I might have to make myself some of these cape coats.  I have a couple of nice patterns for these already.

I keep hoping that Integrity will pick up the license for this show.  Olivia and Abby would make fabulous dolls.


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