FS/FT: Post Gloss Convention Purge

I don't have these in hand yet.  They will be shipping to me so I am looking to put these on hold for people and then will take payment or trades once they arrive (and I have made sure they are all okay with no issues).  Prices do not include shipping.  I will ship international but I won't lie on the custom forms. I might have more for sale later...have to look at them in person!

I am looking for the Montaigne Market Elise complete fashion only (up to $150 in credit), Jem & Misfits Backstage Essentials Jackets ($20 each), & IFDC It Girl Poppy (up to $225 in credit).

Welcome Doll Erin Nude $90 HSOLD
Sheer Sensuality Vanessa Centerpiece $250 SOLD
Friday Night Bazaar Red Fashion $ 70
Intimate Reveal Agnes Outfit Only $105 SOLD

Convention Collection:

La Villa Lumiere Simonetta $150
Adorned Vanessa  $225 SOLD
Cold Shoulder Eugenia $225 SOLD
Nocturnal Glow Veronique $170 SOLD

Color Infusion:

Alysa $70 SOLD
Kika Yung $70 SLD
Janay/Regine $70 SOLD
Tilda Brisby/Roxy $70 SOLD
Ace Mcfly/Riot $125 SOLD
Kieron Morel $100 SOLD
Sterling Riese/Rio $100

2013 Premiere Convention Dolls:

Bewitching Veronique complete $165 SOLD
Bellissima Natalia complete $250 SOLD

Regular Line Dolls:

Faded Desert Kyori nude $70 SOLD
On How to be Lovely nude $60 (wrist joints a bit loose)
Young Sophisticate Poppy nude $100 
Lotta Danger Poppy nude $100 SOLD


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