New Stuff at Wilde Imagination

Adorable Positively Negative Winter Ellowyne.  Love the knitwear.  Check on me has a sixties mod vibe. Feeling Fatigue has an earthy boho look.  Languid is a cutesy dress.  I am tempted by Postively Negative...

Bewitching Ellowyne is also up...great purple witch outfit but the glass eyes still creep me out.

There's a new wigged Prudence and some outfits: Bay Breeze (sort of a sailor theme) and Olive Drab...a gauzy boho number.  There are a bunch of new accessories: some weird rockabilly wigs, some hats (which make my hats a bargain...), and some separates.

It seems like there are some new dolls and outfits for Evangeline Ghastly as well.

Also, a discount code!  Get $13 off of $100 with the code FALL11 until Nov 5th, 2011
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