Integrity Toys...Why can't I quit you?

So once again...just when I thought I was getting out, they keep pulling me back in.  The haul from the Jet Set Convention was impressive.  My Convention Collection has not even arrived yet and I am overwhelmed with all the goodies...and more are coming.  I sold many of them already.  But even the ones I had planned to evict have managed to sneak their way into my heart. Pictures to come...also pictures of my has been a week yall.

The Keepers:
-Business Class Anja her...I gave her a partial de-bump the other night.  I also added some of the Dynamite Girl accessories from the Build A Doll stuff...the outfit is great and those pieces work well with this dress.
-Dynamite Girl Jasper....adorable.  Those outfits were also great!  I got the black sequin dress and the White and black dress.  i wish i would have gotten the pants outfit as well.  Looking for it now.  I also bought the silver sequin pack and the pink hot pants pack.  I adore the mix and match possibilities.
-Agnes Helper Doll Set from Dark Romance...won this in the raffle!!!!  Cannot believe my luck.  She is GORGEOUS!  But I think Festive Decadence Agnes is getting the boot.  They are too similar.
-Backstage Ambition...hunk.
-Eugenia Giftset....I am a sucker for giftsets.  I love to mix and match.  I also love the pouty coral lips on Eugenia.
-tatyana's outfit from FR2 Lunch

Possible Keepers:
-Mission Control Imogen
-High Toned Rayna
-Style Counsel Giftset (I doubt I will keep both dolls though..i think Adele will stay)
-Darla from giftset and fashions....

Leaving on a Jet plane:
-Simpatico Poppy
-Up in the Air Poppy
-Color Infusion Ayumi
-Kyori Centerpiece
-FR2 Vanessa
-FR2 Elise in Blue Dress (have a nude one coming in a trade)
-Brightness Calls Isha
-Vivid Impact Agnes
-Tatyana nude
-DG Aria nude
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