Convention Eviction Notice: Jet set for sale list

Though these girls are lovely...I cannot possibly keep them all.  These prices do not include shipping.  I will do international if you pay the priority shipping.  I will cover the insurance.  From a non-smoking home.  I can take paypal or US postal money orders only.  Trades are also listed at the end.

For sale...

-Veronique Air Apparent NRFB $200 HOLD

-Vanessa FR2 Wu Club Lunch "Evermore" NRFB $250  HOLD

-Sunset Rave Color Infusion Ayumi NRFB SOLD

-Centerpiece "No Reservations" Kyori (table she has been displayed and is missing the original baggies and such...otherwise complete and gorgeous)  $275 (nude doll only $175) HOLD

-Workshop Blonde Korinne (tan)nude/no stand $100 HOLD

-Nude Dynamite Girls Build a Doll tan/blonde Aria $40

-Poppy "In The Air" Luncheon Doll NRFB  $150  HOLD

-FR2 Tatyana Exceptional Nude $175  HOLD

Convention Collection (being shipped to my house so I don't have these yet...but I am planning to sell the following if you would like to put a hold on these...i might add more when I see them)

-FR2 Elise Most Wanted Fashion Only $100
-Vivid Impact Agnes $200
-Brightness Calls Isha $120 (will split-nude doll $60/outfit $60)  HOLD
-Style Counsel Giftset $250  HOLD
-Simply Simpatico Poppy nude w/stand $125  HOLD


Coney Island Poppy nude/no box or stand $45  HOLD

Festive Decadence Agnes nude/no stand (original hairstyle) $75

Trades Desired (trade-in value):

Minimalist Dasha complete ($200)
Only Natural Fashion ($100)
Wrapped in Decadence Fashion ($75)
Any Nude FR2 Dasha or Elise w/stand ($100)
-Cosmic Love Color Infusion complete ($100)
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