Cherished Friends Exclusives- Goldilocks and Ultra Basics

Whoa...Cherished Friends has posted their new exclusives...and the Re-Imagination Goldilocks is soooooo stunning! She will be $199.99 and is expected to ship late in 2008. I think I might have to get her...she features a new sculpt that I REALLY like...and the outfit is of course great.

And then we have the two Ultra Basics, Jac and Stella. Both are $59.99 and ship in late june. Jac has shoulder length brown curly hair and Stella has blonde poofy ponytail hairstyle. They also have a raven Stella available to loyal customers. I might try to order the raven if possible...I like the Stella sculpt and she might make a good custom DC Stars character...not sure who yet...maybe Donna Troy?
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