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First off, I won a Hogwarts Draco...and he's wonderful...but he's just not fitting in with the rest of the collection. I only took him out of the box to look at him and then promptly sealed him up. He's from a non-smoking home but I do have cats...who stay well away from the dolls) Since I won him, I think it's bad karma to sell him...so I thought maybe a trade would work. I have positive feedback on ebay under alyrenee.

Here's what I have...prices don't include shipping. Paypal or US Postal Money Order:

Hogwarts Draco Malfoy (Trade Only)
Nude Poison Ivy/Stella (no stand) $50
Nude Aspen Sydney (original hair) $40
Music Video Awards Alex $15
BJD Posey Tiny Betsy $150 *hold
Nude FAO Ballerina Red Head Emilie w/stand (no original box) $35

And I have several original outfits at my Show and Sell Gallery...ranging from t-shirts and skirts to couture OOAK hand-beaded outfits. Also there are a few repaints for low prices.

Here is what I am looking for:
DC Stars Batman
NY Comic Con Harley Quinn
Deluxe Aquaman
Justice Protector Wonder Woman
Viktor Dreary
Sister Dreary
Snow Whyte (yeah right)
Lord Azriel
Nude Cosmo
Jac w/an Afro nude
Dreamgirl wigged (either of the skinny ones)nude
ellowyne wilde outfits
casual identity supergirl outfit
wonder woman regular outfit complete
justice protector wonder woman outfit
NY comic con harley outfit
nude viktor dreary
raven stella nude
raven ashleigh nude
tyler w/new sculpt
vasilisa outfit
raven emilie
joker outfit
peter parker

I am open to other suggestions.

Check out my show and sell doll gallery for lots of new items and repaints for Tyler, Ellowyne, and the Sybarites.
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